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Leonura Neem Mask
Leonura Neem Mask

Leonura Glow

Leonura Neem Mask

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This Miracle Brightening and glowing Neem Mask is best mask for people with skin pigmentations,  Uneven skin and acne scars. Neem promotes healthy skin, soothes skin and provides clear complexion And the neem glows the skin. 


    Leonura Healing neem mask has multiple benefits;

    It’s suitable for all skin types. 

    • Heals Scars
    • Fights Acne
    • Treats Pigmentation 
    • Oil-control
    • Moisturizer and Exfoliates
    • Clear And Glowing Skin
    • Treats Skin Infections
    • Anti-aging
    • It Heals burnt skin.  
    • Treats Scalp Infections (Dandruff)



    Organic Neem powder from Neem leaves.